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The Unbreakable Bond

For your relationship to be effective and successful, you must view it as a sanctuary – there is you and your partner and then the rest of the world. Learn to be flexible with one another and coexist as distinct individuals at the same time. Your relationship is like building a bridge together. You start off at one end while your partner is at the other end. Both of your efforts in ensuring that bridge is sturdy, safe, and strong is what constitutes the unbreakable bond.

Mind and Body

In my first blog, I spoke of self-reflection as a means to become more aware of oneself. Along similar lines, I want to introduce the concept of awareness of how our bodies and minds are connected. I also want us to explore the...

First Blog

In this moment be conscious of your breath, your feeling with your body – are you cold? Hot? Tense? Relaxed? How is your mood? How fast or slow is your heart beat? What are you doing right this minute while reading this – Fidgeting? Playing with your hair? Biting your...